Who We Are

We live in a century where forests are getting shrunk, rivers and lakes are turning into wastewater, and the environment has lost its entire ecological balance. It is critical that we act now to save our future generations from inheriting an unhealthy place to live in. APIE is a team of world-class professionals who plan, design, and implement sustainable solutions to tackle the problems and create a better environment.

Best Features


Lake Restoration

APIE introduces the most advanced and innovative biotechnology treatment method to cut down eutrophication in lakes ...

Green Roof

We use innovative design, smart engineering and turn-key implementation of green roof supportive structures and vegetation ...

Renewable Energy

We provide planning, design, and implementation of renewable energy options for your energy needsWe work with Public and Private clients ...

Best Features


Green Building

Green buildings are the energy efficient and sometimes self-sufficient with producing its own energy required to operate the building...

Water Resources

We offer design and installation of Center Pivot and Linear irrigation systems for large agriculture lands for efficient and uniform application...

Waste Treatment

Waste treatment facilities are customized to treat each industrial waste for several types of industries including Food, , Breweries, Oil, Paint...

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